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All 24 Stucco Colors with Photos

During my search for stucco color, I came across numerous options from various manufacturers. However, it was quite time-consuming as I had to search extensively to find and compare them.

To make things easier for you, I decided to compile all the most popular stucco colors available in one place.

This way, you can quickly view and compare the different options without the need for extensive searching.

stucco house colors

Table of Contents:

To provide you with some context about the wide variety of stucco options available, you need to know that coloring stucco has a long history, dating back to ancient Roman times when local Ochers were used to create beautiful shades in exterior lime coatings.

Nowadays, for our joy any type of stucco can be tinted, whether it's pure lime plaster or modern cement stucco.

For exterior applications, pigments are used as colorants, specifically inorganic pigments of mineral origin like the ones I will show you in a minute. These pigments are compatible with the high pH of cement products and have the necessary lightfastness.

Inorganic pigments can be either natural, like Ochers and natural earths, or man-made, like manufactured Iron Oxides. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

These characteristics and its well-known durability, and versatility make Stucco a popular choice for both residential and commercial exteriors.

Whether you are considering a new stucco application or looking to update the color of your existing stucco, selecting the right color is essential.

Here we will explore the most popular stucco colors that are trending in the world of exterior design.

Different Colors of Stucco for Every Architectural Style

1. Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are timeless and have always been a safe bet for stucco color choices.

Colors like beige, cream, and tan are classic and complement a wide range of architectural styles. These earthy tones give a warm and welcoming appearance to the exterior of any building.

Neutral-colored stucco also has the advantage of being a versatile backdrop for other elements, such as landscaping or accent colors.

stucco home colors

2. Gray Shades

Gray has gained popularity in the past decade as a trendy and sophisticated color choice for stucco exteriors.

Shades of gray range from light, almost white hues to deep charcoal tones. Gray stucco provides a modern and sleek aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for contemporary or minimalist designs.

The versatility of gray allows for easy pairing with other colors and materials, creating a harmonious exterior palette.

3. Warm Earth Tones

Warm earth tones, such as terracotta, caramel, or burnt sienna, are becoming increasingly popular for stucco exteriors. These colors help create a natural and organic look and evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.

Warm earth tones are particularly suitable for Mediterranean, Spanish, or Tuscan-inspired architectural styles.

By using warm earth tones in your stucco, you can create a rich and inviting facade.

4. White Stucco

Perhaps the most iconic stucco color, white has remained a popular choice for centuries.

White stucco offers a timeless and elegant appearance and can brighten up any space. It is especially suitable for coastal or contemporary designs, where a crisp and clean look is desired.

White stucco can also be paired with other accent colors to create a striking contrast.

5. Bold and Vibrant Hues

For those looking to make a statement, bold and vibrant stucco colors can add a unique and eye-catching element to an exterior.

Colors like deep blue, olive green, or even bright red can add personality and character to a building.

While these colors are less commonly used, they can be a great choice for commercial buildings or residences with a distinct architectural style, such as art deco or modernist designs.

Finally, The 24 Stucco Colors for Your House

If you want to show your Local Stucco Contractor the color you're aiming for, you can use this list as a sample.

Here you've got the list of the most popular colors for stucco walls that people are always asking for. Check them out! I've also added a little description of each color and how they can enhance the personality of your home's exterior walls.

Base Gray

Starting our journey with a classic, Base Gray offers a timeless appeal. Its neutral tone effortlessly complements various architectural styles, making it a safe yet sophisticated choice.

Base Gray Stucco Color


Old Rose

Injecting a touch of nostalgia and elegance, Old Rose lends an air of romance to stucco. This soft hue exudes warmth and charm, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Old Rose Stucco Color


Berry Hill

For those seeking a bolder statement, Berry Hill is a captivating choice. With its rich, deep berry shade, this color adds vibrancy and personality to any building facade.

Berry Hill Stucco Color


Georgia Brick

Drawing inspiration from the traditional red bricks of Georgia, this stucco color exudes a sense of familiarity and warmth. It brings a rustic charm to a modern setting or enhances the authenticity of a vintage-inspired structure.

Georgia Brick Stucco Color


Canvas Tan

Soothing and versatile, Canvas Tan offers a neutral, earthy tone that harmonizes with various architectural elements. This shade evokes a sense of tranquility, blending seamlessly with its surroundings.

Canvas Tan Stucco Color


Ridgeback Brown

Earth-toned hues have an enduring appeal, and Ridgeback Brown is no exception. This rich, warm color adds a sense of depth and character to stucco exteriors, instilling a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Ridgeback Brown Stucco Color


Rose Clay

A delicate and graceful shade, Rose Clay adds a subtle blush of color to stucco. This soft, feminine hue works wonders in creating a gentle and refined aesthetic.

Rose Clay Stucco Color


Malibu Taupe

Combining elements of sophistication and natural beauty, Malibu Taupe presents a versatile option for stucco exteriors. Its warm undertones exude an understated elegance that complements a range of architectural styles.

Malibu Taupe Stucco Color


Java Brown

Creating a sense of boldness and richness, Java Brown makes a captivating statement. This deep and intense color adds drama and depth to any building, infusing it with a sense of stature and strength.

Java Brown Stucco Color



An alluring coastal hue, Windrift offers a refreshing and serene look for stucco exteriors. This soft blue-gray tone evokes images of calm ocean breezes and tranquil coastal landscapes.

Windrift Stucco Color


Cattail Brown

Bringing the beauty of nature to your building facade, Cattail Brown mimics the warm and earthy tones found in nature. This color choice adds a touch of rustic charm and blends seamlessly with outdoor surroundings.

Cattail Brown Stucco Color



Simple and understated, Tan is a timeless choice for stucco exteriors. Its neutral tone effortlessly complements various architectural styles, providing a clean and classic look.

Tan Stucco Color


Berry Mauve

Infusing a burst of energy and personality, Berry Mauve adds a pop of color to stucco exteriors. This vibrant shade is perfect for those who desire a unique and eye-catching facade.

Berry Mauve Stucco Color



Elegant and sophisticated, Rosewood exudes a sense of luxury. This deep reddish-brown hue creates a captivating contrast against lighter architectural elements, making a bold statement.

Rosewood Stucco Color


Cappuccino Cream

A warm and inviting shade, Cappuccino Cream is perfect for those who seek a cozy and familiar aesthetic. With its soft and creamy tones, it adds a touch of comfort and elegance to stucco exteriors.

Cappuccino Cream Stucco Color


Nuss Brown

Embodying the richness of natural wood, Nuss Brown brings warmth and organic charm to stucco finishes. This earthy hue creates a harmonious blend between the building and its natural surroundings.

Nuss Brown Stucco Color



For those who enjoy indulging in rich and bold choices, Chocolate provides an intense and luxurious option. This deep brown shade adds depth and character to any building, making a strong visual impact.

Chocolate Stucco Color


Natural Brown

Taking inspiration from the earth itself, Natural Brown embraces the simplicity and beauty of nature. This warm and inviting color choice creates a seamless transition between a building and its outdoor environment.

Natural Brown Stucco Color



Capturing the essence of the desert landscape, Tumbleweed offers a soft and sandy hue. This warm beige shade complements a variety of architectural styles, evoking a sense of warmth and tranquility.

Tumbleweed Stucco Color


River Slate

Featuring cool gray tones, River Slate offers a contemporary yet timeless look. This versatile shade elevates the appearance of stucco exteriors, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity.

River Slate Stucco Color


Soft Green

Refreshing and rejuvenating, Soft Green brings a natural vibrancy to stucco finishes. This delicate shade offers a serene ambiance, reminiscent of lush gardens and calming landscapes.

Soft Green Stucco Color



With its substantial presence and rugged charm, Boulder adds a bold and eye-catching element to any external surface. This solid gray tone enhances the architectural features, creating a visually striking facade.

Boulder Stucco Color


Granite Rock

Emulating the rugged beauty of natural stone, Granite Rock offers a sense of strength and durability. This textured gray shade adds depth and character to stucco exteriors, creating a visually appealing finish.

Granite Rock Stucco Color


Charcoal Gray

For those seeking a contemporary and sleek look, Charcoal Gray provides a powerful and dramatic option. This dark and sophisticated hue adds a sense of elegance and modernity to any building.

Charcoal Gray Stucco Color

I would recommend before your final decision about a stucco color, it is important to consider factors such as the surrounding environment, architectural style, and personal preferences.

I will also encourage you to consult with a stucco professional or use color visualization tools to get a better idea of how the chosen color will look on your building.

Remember that stucco is a long-lasting material, so choosing a color that will stand the test of time is crucial. With the options available today, finding the perfect stucco color to enhance the beauty of your home or building has never been easier.

Stucco Colors FAQs

What are the most popular stucco colors?

When it comes to stucco exteriors, the most popular colors are pale neutrals and earth tones like white, tan, beige, gray, taupe, and pale pinks and peaches. If you're wondering which paint colors look best on stucco, classic white is a safe choice that works well for both historic and modern homes.

What Colour is stucco?

What colors should I choose for stucco?

Can stucco color be changed?

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