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Lath’s Services South Florida

Fonseca Construction INC. is a team of skilled and experienced professionals that work together to insure the success of every project we manage. We design your new construction or renovation, plan it and execute it to meet your needs, schedule, budget, and site conditions. We offer expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

What Is a Lath and Plaster Wall?

Lath and plaster walls refer to an interior wall construction technique that typically predates the 1940s. This labor-intensive process involves four-foot-long strips of wood lath, typically 1-inch wide, that are nailed directly to the open wall studs. The lath is then embedded with three layers of wet plaster. The plaster dries to form a hard, smooth surface suitable for finishing.

Drywall is composed of gypsum plaster sandwiched in two layers of thick cardboard, creating a rigid material that is lightweight and easy to work with. Drywall acts the same way as lath and plaster walls: a mineral-based substance that creates privacy deadens sound and insulates. The chief difference is that the plasterwork, or the wet work, has already been done in a factory, not on-site.

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