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The Perfect Blend of Brick and Stucco in Modern House

If you share my passion for construction, you may have noticed a contemporary twist on traditional architecture. Nowadays, the combination of brick and stucco has become increasingly popular in modern house designs.

This unique blend of materials offers homeowners an aesthetic that seamlessly fuses rustic charm with sleek sophistication. However, it can be quite challenging to apply, so I always recommend reaching out to professionals or doing a pretty extensive research before jumping on it.

brick and stucco homes

Today, I will explore the features of a modern stucco and brick house, discuss the top trends for 2024, highlight popular types of used brick, and suggest other elements that beautifully complement these architectural wonders when incorporated into your property's landscape.

Table of Contents:

What We Call A Modern Stucco and Brick House

A modern stucco and brick house should perfectly capture the essence of contemporary living. By effortlessly combining the strength and durability of brick with the versatility and texture of stucco, resulting in an eye-catching exterior that stands the test of time.

The mix of materials adds depth and character to the overall design, creating a visually stunning facade that can inspire awe in any neighborhood.

5 Trends for Modern Stucco and Brick House in 2024

As we look forward to 2024, several trends are set to shape the world of modern stucco and brick houses. These trends include:

a) Sustainable Construction: With an increasing focus on eco-friendly living, modern homes are embracing sustainable construction practices. Incorporating energy-efficient materials, such as insulated bricks and stucco, can help homeowners lower their carbon footprint while enjoying comfortable living spaces.

b) Monochromatic Color Palettes: The use of monochromatic color palettes in modern stucco and brick houses lends an air of contemporary elegance. Neutral tones like white, gray, and black create a seamless integration between the brick and stucco elements, allowing the textures to take center stage.

c) Minimalist Design: Clean lines and simplicity are key features of modern architecture. A minimalist design approach in stucco and brick houses emphasizes functionality and spaciousness, while keeping clutter at bay. By minimizing ornamental elements, the focus is shifted towards the materials themselves, enhancing their natural beauty.

d) Mixing Textures: Combining various textures within the same brick and stucco facade can add visual interest and create a sense of depth. Textural contrasts can be achieved by integrating smooth stucco surfaces with rougher and more rustic brick finishes, resulting in a visually captivating exterior.

e) Floor-to-Ceiling Windows: Floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming a staple in contemporary architecture, and they beautifully complement brick and stucco houses. These expansive windows allow ample natural light to flood the interior spaces, creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor environments.

Most Popular Types of Used Brick to Combine With Stucco

When it comes to selecting the right type of used brick for your house, three options stand out as perennial favorites in my opinion:

brick stucco house

a) Antique Brick: Known for its vintage appeal, antique brick exudes a sense of history and warmth. Its weathered and worn appearance adds character to the house, making it a popular choice for those seeking a rustic aesthetic.

b) Red Brick: A classic choice, red brick is timeless and versatile. It can effortlessly blend with both traditional and contemporary design styles, and its warm hue adds a touch of charm to any home.

c) Grey Brick: Grey brick offers a more modern and minimalist look. Its muted color allows for greater flexibility when selecting complementary elements, and it pairs particularly well with stucco finishes.

Other 3 Elements to Complement Brick and Stucco House

To complete the aesthetic appeal of a brick and stucco house, consider incorporating these 3 following elements

a) Metal Accents: Adding metal accents, such as sleek handrails, door frames, or window trims, can provide a contemporary edge to the overall design.

b) Landscaping: Landscaping plays a crucial role in enhancing the curb appeal of any home. Consider incorporating vibrant foliage, manicured gardens, and minimalist hardscaping to complement the brick and stucco exterior.

c) Outdoor Lighting: Thoughtfully placed outdoor lighting fixtures can highlight the unique architectural details of a brick and stucco house, while also providing a warm and welcoming ambiance during the evening hours.

Brick Houses with Stucco Accents, NOT the Same as Brick and Stucco House

It's important to distinguish between a brick house with stucco accents and a house that incorporates both brick and stucco. While both styles create a harmonious blend of materials, brick houses with stucco accents emphasize the use of brick as the dominant feature, while stucco serves as a complementary element.

brick and stucco homes

The stucco accents are strategically placed to add visual interest and provide contrast to the overall design. This distinctive combination results in a captivating façade that celebrates the timelessness of brick while embracing the contemporary elegance of stucco.

This is a very simple concept but when you're talking with your contractor or exterior designer about what you want, it's important to understand it. If you don't, your project might end up not quite hitting the mark, and it could take even longer to finish.

Multiple Types of Stucco

Stucco offers a wide range of options to further enhance the beauty of a brick house. Here are some popular types of stucco that can be used as accents:

  • Traditional Stucco: This is the most commonly used type of stucco, known for its durability and smooth texture. Traditional stucco can be applied in various colors and finishes, allowing homeowners to select the perfect complement to their brick exterior. Check out the 8 different varieties of stucco!

  • Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS): EIFS stucco is an excellent option for adding insulation and energy efficiency to a brick house while also providing a sleek, modern appearance. With a variety of textures and colors available, EIFS stucco can be customized to create a truly unique look.

  • Venetian Plaster: For a touch of elegance and sophistication, Venetian plaster is an ideal choice. This high-end stucco finish offers a smooth, polished surface that adds depth and richness to the overall design. When combined with the textures of brick, it creates a stunning visual contrast.

  • Rough Stucco: If you desire a more rustic and textured look, rough stucco is a perfect option. Its rough texture adds character and visual interest to the stucco accents, perfectly complementing the solid and sturdy presence of the brick.

In conclusion, brick houses with stucco accents are an exciting trend for 2024 that brings together the best of two classic materials.

By strategically incorporating stucco accents, homeowners can elevate the timeless beauty of their desired type of brick and infuse their homes with a modern twist, cracking some necks in their neighborhood.

With various types of stucco available, each with its unique texture and finish, the options for customization are endless. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, the combination of brick and stucco accents offers a versatile and visually captivating solution for enhancing the exterior of your home.


Does brick and stucco go together?

Brick and Stucco go together quite well, although, I never considered the combination of stucco and brick until I stumbled upon some houses online that amazed me with their design ideas, like this post.

Is it expensive to stucco a brick house?

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