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Painting Services South Florida

Fonseca Construction INC. is a team of skilled and experienced professionals that work together to insure the success of every project we manage. We design your new construction or renovation, plan it and execute it to meet your needs, schedule, budget and site conditions. We offer expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Our Interior Painting Process

When you start to paint, first use a small brush to paint the holes and cracks. Then take a roller and do the larger areas. As long as you have decided on the room colors and mood you are trying to achieve, you are now ready to start painting. To achieve the best possible results when painting any room in your home or office the preparation of the room and walls is the key. Walls should all be clean prior to the start of any painting project.

Paint with primer added to the paint itself is the easiest way to paint your walls, however there are still certain situations which are best served by having a base coat of primer applied prior to painting to achieve the professional quality you are looking for.

Exterior Painting

Just like the interior of your home, your exterior house painting project needs to be properly prepared. You will want to ensure the weather conditions are appropriate for the duration of your exterior painting project and that you have rid yourself of any potential hazards prior to starting.

Depending on the type of material your home is made of, you may need to have it power-washed or sandblasted. For example, if your home has a wood exterior you will most likely need to have it power-washed. On the contrary, if your home is made out of brick or stucco you may be able to sandblast instead.

Sandblasting is an excellent way to prep your home's exterior for a fresh smooth coat of exterior paint for a crisper and cleaner-looking finished product. This method of cleaning and paint removal differs from pressure washing only in the use of fine grit particles instead of water. Sandblasting is one of the best ways to remove old paint or surface contaminants without having to use excessive pressure.

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